DOTSNET is extremely fast. In the Benchmark example, you move the player through a herd of 10,000 moving monsters.
While it’s quite a lot of monsters, it’s the easiest, most elegant example to get started!
If you run both the server and the client in the Unity Editor, then DOTSNET is handling twice the amount: 20,000 monsters. 10k for the server world, and 10k for the client world.
In the server world, we are updating all 10k monsters at all times.
On the client (what you see), we receive a subset of monsters around the player.
By default, the NetworkServer’s Interest Management System has a visibility radius of 15 which you can increase with the Radius slider to increase the load:
Use the WASD / Arrow keys to move the player around.
The demo runs with 40 FPS for 10k Monsters on Server + 10k Monsters on client, all sent to the client at all times. Imagine what is possible on a powerful dedicated server…
DOTSNET performance is constantly improving, now nearing ~50k on a 2015 Macbook Pro.
Last modified 5mo ago
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