Authoring is a way to configure ECS systems which would otherwise be hidden in memory
ECS Entities can be found in the Scene, and as prefabs as regular GameObjects.
Add the ConvertToNetworkEntity component to them, so that Unity automatically converts them to Entities into either the Server scene, the Client scene, or both:
Prefabs need to be dragged into the PrefabSystem scene object’s registered Prefabs:
Scene Objects are converted automatically.
Right now, Unity has no Inspector for ECS Systems. They simply live in memory without us being able to modify their public variables. This is why DOTSNET has an authoring component for each system, like NetworkServerAuthoring:
System Authoring components simply copy the exposed fields to the actual systems in the ECS world.
Authoring likely won't be needed in the future as Unity adds better DOTS support.
Last modified 5mo ago
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