V1.34 [2021-10-16]

    feature: NativeMultiMap.ContainsKeyAndValue extension
    perf: ConnectionState.owned moved to NetworkServerSystem.ownedPerConnection as NativeMultiHashMap which can be used within burst
    perf: DistanceInterestManagement.RebuildObservers: parsing connections is now bursted thanks to server.ownedPerConnection being a native collection
    perf: NetworkClient/ServerSystem.spawned changed from Dictionary to NativeHashMap so we can use it in burst
    feature: NetworkClient/ServerSystem.RegisterHandler custom allocator for reusable messages to prepare for large WorldState etc.
    feature: NetworkClient/ServerMessageSystem provides virtual MessageAllocator that can be overwritten to reuse large messages
    perf: FlatByteArrays BytesToArray functions now use memcpy for up to 10x performance improvement
    perf: FlatByteArrays ArrayToBytes functions now use memcpy for up to 10x performance improvement
    Transport.GetMaxPacketSize Channel parameter added to increase kcp reliable channel max message size from 1200 bytes to 140 KB
    removed Batching: won't be necessary with Delta Snapshots, and it allocated by boxing NetworkMessages anyway
    feature: ConnectionState.mainPlayer for convenience, set by JoinWorld
    feature: NetworkServerSystem.GetMainPlayerPosition(connectionId) for convenience
    perf: MonsterMovementSystem now runs via ScheduleParallel() for significant performance improvement when scaling to 500k+ entities
    perf: BitWriter.WriteBytes16 improved. runs twice as fast now.
    perf: BitReader.ReadBytes16 improved. runs 25% faster.
    fix: NetworkServerSystem OnTransportConnect/Data/Disconnect callbacks now check if server is active. fixes a bug where Transport Update would be called just after stopping, then NRE would be thrown because OnTransportDisconnect would still try to remove from connections which is already null.
    fix: StopServer() now clears ownedPerConnection to fix a bug where StartServer()->ConnectClient()->StopServer()->StartServer would throw an exception about old entities
    perf: BitReader/Writer now use NativeArray/NativeSlice instead of byte[] and ArraySegment to be burstable. Transport OnData() now uses NativeSlice too.

V1.33 [2021-10-05]

    breaking: NetworkMessage messageId size increased to 2 bytes
    feature: NetworkMessageMeta.GetId<T> for automated message ids
    perf: NetworkMessage.De/Serialize parameter changed from IBitReader/Writer to BitReader/Writer to avoid runtime allocations when casting to interfaces
    perf: Batching now always flushes at the end of the frame in order to minimize latency
    breaking: removed libuv & LiteNetLib. use kcp/Telepathy instead, which are both stable & fast enough for DOTSNET
    Transports: initialization moved to Start()/Connect()
    kcp2k updated to V1.12
    Network Loop: Process Incoming -> Update World -> Process Outgoing
      adjusted Transports for Early / LateUpdate
      adjusted NetworkServer/ClientSystem update order
      adjusted Interest Management update order
      added LateSimulationGroups

V1.32 [2021-09-27]

    fix: Quaternion Compression LargestAbsoluteComponentIndex wrong largest initialization
    packages: updated to Burst 1.6.0 for apple silicon support
    packages: updated latest .previews of remaining packages

V1.31 [2021-07-20]

    perf: kcp2k V1.11
      nearly removes all socket.SendTo/ReceiveFrom allocations
      perf: Segment MemoryStream initial capacity set to MTU to avoid early runtime
    fix: Utils.RoundBitsToFullBytes(0) now returns 0 bytes
    Upgraded to Unity 2020.3.12f1 LTS for latest fixes
    fix: Benchmark 'Ground' object is now converted to network entity, not to regular entity (https://github.com/vis2k/DOTSNET/issues/44)
    feature: BitReader/Writer: float2 support

V1.30 [2021-05-29]

    BitWriter128: rewrite to use int[] directly instead of scratch
    BitWriter128: allow setting .BitPosition from the outside
    BitReader128: expose .BitPosition
    TransportServerSystem.Disconnect return value changed to void because the bool wasn't used anywhere.
    packages: burst updated to 1.4.8 verified
    kcp2k V1.10
      feature: configurable Timeout
      allocations explained with comments (C# ReceiveFrom / IPEndPoint.GetHashCode)
      fix: #17 KcpConnection.ReceiveNextReliable now assigns message default so it works in .net too
      fix: Segment pool is not static anymore. Each kcp instance now has it's own Pool. fixes #18 concurrency issues
    fix: Transport initializations moved from OnCreate to OnStartRunning. Fixes a bug where kcp server would always run with default configuration because SelectiveSystemAuthoring Awake() configuration is called AFTER OnCreate(). Fixes kcp not handling much bandwidth because CongestionWindow was always enabled, limiting send queue to send buffer copying to around 60 items per tick due to congestion control.
    Disabled some log messages on startup

V1.29 [2021-04-30]

    Upgrade to Unity 2020.3 LTS again
    breaking: Snapshots (raw). replaces Broadcast systems. Prepares for NetworkComponents.
    breaking: NetworkEntity renamed to NetworkIdentity because that's what it is
    fix: PongServerSystem.OnUpdate() now calls base.OnUpdate() too. Fixes a bug where batched messages wouldn't be flushed in the Pong example.
    NetworkServerSystem.Send(List) obsoleted. It was only used by InterestManagementSystem, and the implementation simply calls Send(message) for each list entry.
    perf: InterestManagement uses Send(message) instead of Send(list). previously it would sort messages into a list, call Send(list), then Send(List) would call Send(message) for each list entry, which is redundant.
    fix: libuv replaced with kcp everywhere. libuv obsoleted. fixes 2020.3 LTS build bug.
    feature: NetworkComponents

V1.28 [2021-04-15]

    fix: downgraded to Unity 2020.1.16 to avoid ‘no available transport’ error in builds.
      Let’s stay on this version until I have time to look into the bug
    packages: Burst 1.4.7 (verified)
    batching simplified and fully moved to update
    BruteForceInterestManagementSystem renamed to DistanceInterestManagementSystem
    NetworkMessageMeta.Pack/UnpackMessage helper functions so client & server are guaranteed to use the same packing code
    BitWriter: smaller improvements
    BitWriter/Reader: float3 support added for convenience
    BitReader/Writer: Read/WriterBytesBitSize fixed* version for 'fixed byte[]' support
    IBitReader/Writer interface added to prepare for NetworkComponents
    BitReader/Writer128 (burstable) added to prepare for NetworkComponents
    fix: Benchmark scene PlayerMovement SelectiveSystemAuthoring component moved from NetworkServer GameObject to NetworkClient GameObject

V1.27 [2021-03-29]

    Unity updated to 2020.3 LTS for stability
    fix: Telepathy updated to V1.6: lots of fixes & improvements
    fix: kcp2k V1.8: fixes empty message sending/receiving undefined behaviour and fixes IPv6 errors on Nintendo Switch
    packages: burst updated to 1.4.6
    packages: code coverage 1.0.0
    packages: entity 0.17.0; hybrid renderer 0.11.0; dots editor 0.12.0
    packages: test framework 1.1.24
    packages: unity.physics 0.6.0

V1.26 [2021-01-29]

    Telepathy transport added
    packages: DOTS Editor V0.11.0 added
    BitReader: ReadBytesBitSize added
    fix: Batch.lastSendTime is now initialized to current time so that first elapsed time calculation doesn't use "now - 0" which would always be a lot
    libuv2k V0.19
      fix: deadlock/crash when closing loop inside a uv_run call is now detected and an error is logged instead of allowing libuv to crash Unity.
      added more tests
      fix: Shutdown now clears nativeLookup after logging about them not being disposed. fixes a bug where if one test/session would miss disposing, the values would stay in there and make all future tests fail until the next domain reload.
      fix: TcpStream.OnCloseHandle doesn't invalidate the handle before the OnClosed callback anymore
      fix: libuv Transport OnLibuvServerClosed doesn't access the disposed handle's usertoken anymore. we get the connectionId before disposing now.
      fix: libuv Transport loops are created/disposed only once in OnCreate/OnDestroy. we should not dispose a loop while events are being called from a loop's uv_run
      fix: libuv Transport now Updates even if server/client are null. fixes ClientVoluntaryDisconnect test not passing because client.Disconnect()->uv_close callback would only be called in next loop update, which would never happen if we don't update after the client was disposed.
      fix: libuv Transport doesn't manually dispose the handle in OnLibuvError anymore. libuv2k does it internally already, and calling it twice is actually not a good idea.
      fix: libuv Transport manually dispose the handle in OnLibuvClosed anymore. libuv2k does it internally already, and calling it Dispose() instead of a Dispose() call is just a bad idea. potentially fixes memory/crash issues.
      fix: libuv Transport OnLibuvError/Closed checks null before invoking OnDisconnected. fixes a bug where stopping the Editor while client and server are running would clean up loop -> call OnClosed -> DOTSNET already removed the Transport events but libuv Transport still tried to access them.

V1.25 [2021-01-21]

    perf: BitReader uses fast method when copying 4 bytes, slow method otherwise.
    perf: BitWriter uses fast method when copying 4 bytes, slow method otherwise.
    fix: kcp2k V1.7
      lots of fixes(!)
      performance improvements
      unreliable channel support(!)
      DOTSNET Transport: Send/Receive window defaults increased 4096(!)
      statistics logging for headless servers
    fix: libuv2k V0.18:
      NativeHandle major rewrite to improve C#<->C interface
      Fixed several memory issues
      Improved performance
      Hugely simplified code
      NativeHandle memory leaks are now detected on shutdown
    fix: netId is now ulong again instead of uint to avoid situations where Version would be larger than 0xF too quickly (e.g. after a monster respawned 16 times). Added comment so this is never changed again.

V1.24 [2021-01-11]

    perf: kcp2k V1.6
      unreliable channel
      better recv/send window size defaults
      show max send/recv rate in debug gui
      lots of improvements
    fix: KcpTransport uses OnCreate to set up kcp, and wraps the callbacks in lazy functions. fixes a bug where starting in headless would cause a NullReferenceException because Kcp OnStartRunning is called after Server OnStartRunning.
    perf: ServerActiveSimulationSystemGroup foreach allocations removed by using for-int
    perf: ClientConnectSimulationSystemGroup foreach allocations removed by using for-int
    BitWriter: support buffer sizes that aren't multiples of 4 for convenience

V1.23 [2021-01-06]

    perf: Bitpacking to compress values down to the bit. Use BitWriter.WriteUInt(level, 1, 60) to compress a level from range 1..60 down to only 6 bits.
    perf: Batching on a per-connection basis for every send function. This is a lot easier than Send(NativeList) only batching. And it actually batches every Send, not just Send(NativeList).
    perf: NetworkEntity.netId 4 bytes uint instead of 8 bytes ulong. Reduces 10k Benchmark bandwidth from 2.48 MB/s to 2.1 MB/s.
    perf: NetworkMessage.GetId() 2 bytes ushort reduced to 1 byte. Reduces 10k Benchmark Bandwidth from 2.10 MB/s to 2.00 MB/s. 256 message ids should be enough for every project.
    perf: NetworkServer/Client WrapHandler uses 'default' instead of new T() in combination with 'where T : struct' to avoid heavy allocations of 88 KB / frame in 10k benchmark.
    Network/ServerClientSystem hooks into Transport events via += instead of = to not overwrite anyone else's hooks. Prepares for NetworkStatistics.
    Transport.OnSend for statistics etc.
    NetworkStatistics to measure bandwidth via NetworkServer/ClientStatisticsAuthoring components, see Benchmark example.
    fix: NetworkClientSystem.OnTransportData now disconnects if it's called with an empty ArraySegment
    Packages: Burst updated from 1.3.0 to 1.4.3 [verified]

V1.22 [2020-12-12]

    perf: Unity Server Build doesn't update ClientWorld anymore, but still creates it for convenience and to avoid #if UNITY_SERVER checks all over DOTSNET. (https://github.com/vis2k/DOTSNET/issues/33)
    perf: KcpTransport: use 'turbo mode' configuration as recommended by original kcp repository
    breaking: automated NetworkMessage serialization reverted. Back to custom Serialize/Deserialize methods. We still keep <<messageId,amount,messages>> batching & bandwidth savings from Send(NativeArray). Prepares for Bitpacker and solves for Array serialization like https://github.com/vis2k/DOTSNET/issues/3 . Make sure to add Serialize/Deserialize methods to your NetworkMessages when upgrading.

V1.21 [2020-12-09]

    kcp2k V1.2: smaller fixes, MaxMessageSize increased from 1200 bytes to 145KB
    packages: Entities updated from 0.14.0 to 0.16.0
    packages: Hybrid Renderer updated to 0.10.0
    packages: Unity.Physics updated to 0.5.1
    Upgraded to Unity 2020.1.16
    fix: LiteNetLibServer/ClientTransport: IPv6 disabled again because it caused a SocketException when connecting
    LiteNetLib updated to 0.9.4

V1.20 [2020-11-03]

    kcp Transport

V1.19 [2020-10-09]

    LiteNetLib Transport: enable IPv6
    libuv2k V0.15: removed send/recv allocations, IL2CPP support, no more ConcurrentPool, fixed potential WriteRequest.Release deadlock
    perf: BruteForceInterestManagement update time is now set in RebuildAll instead of Update. Avoids unnecessary updates if someone just called RebuildAll anyway

V1.18b [2020-09-25]

    libuv2k V0.12: fixes, perf, libuv binaries bumped to V1.39.0, windows release build to fix DllNotFoundException
    breaking: Apathy Transport replaced by libuv2k everywhere because it’s better in every single way (performance, stability, architecture, etc.)
    Packages: Entities updated to 0.14.0
    Packages: HybridRenderer updated to 0.8.0
    LiteNetLib Transport: exposed latency simulation properties

V1.17 [2020-08-25]

    Upgraded to Unity 2020.1.2f1 for ECS package updates
    fix: NetworkServerSystem.StartServer starts transport before settings server to active to avoid potential race conditions
    NetworkClientSystem: OnConnected/OnDisconnected virtual functions added for classes that inherit from NetworkClientSystem
    NetworkServerSystem: OnConnected/OnDisconnected virtual functions added for classes that inherit from NetworkServerSystem
    fix: ChatClientSystem uses OnDisconnected instead of OnStartRunning to reset state. fixes issue 25 (note: works with MemoryTransport, doesn't work with Apathy yet because OnDisconnect isn't called on client for some reason)
    fix: Apathy updated to V1.16. Fixes a bug where calling client.Disconnect() voluntarily would never call Transport.OnDisconnected.

V1.16 [2020-08-12]

    NetworkTransformAuthoring component instead of auto generated. Make sure to reassign it on your prefabs and reassign sync direction. This was needed for some workflows.

V1.15 [2020-08-08]

    Upgraded to Unity 2020.1 for latest ECS package updates
    Packages: Entities updated to 0.13.0
    Packages: HybridRenderer updated to 0.7.0 to fix errors
    Packages: Unity.Physics updated to 0.4.1
    sharp_uv updated to 0.5 to fix Unsafe is now internal error introduced by HybridRenderer 0.7.0

V1.14 [2020-07-27]

    Quaternion compression to significantly reduce bandwidth. Apathy can now send 20k networked entities to a single connection easily without buffers getting full
    Upgraded to Unity 2019.4.4f1
    fix: HybridRenderer V2 can only be added to one world, otherwise we get 'material registered twice' errors. Bootstrap now only adds it to the client world.
    fix: Bootstrap adds Companion systems to unitySystems
    fix: DestroyAllNetworkEntities now works for Entities with LinkedEntityGroups too
    fix: Apathy updated to V1.15. fixes iOS XCode build errors

V1.13 [2020-07-21]

    New server->client message protocol to optimize bandwidth/performance
    Message Packing for giant performance improvements for all transports:
      NetworkServerSystem.Send(connectionId, NativeList) for high performance message sending with automated chunking to respect Transport MaxMessageSize
      NetworkTransformServerSystem uses Send(NativeList) for high performance
      InterestManagementSystem uses Send(NativeList) for high performance
      Apathy Server Transport: send queueing removed because DOTSNET handles it
      Libuv Server Transport: send queueing removed because DOTSNET handles it
    fix: LiteNetLib Transport uses correct MTU to avoid TooBigPacketException when packing messages
    Apathy Transport: NoDelay = true by default because Apathy is buffer size limited, and we want to empty it out asap

V1.12 [2020-07-20]

    libuv Transport added

V1.11 [2020-07-12]

    LiteNetLib Transport added
    Apathy updated to V1.13 (deterministic send/recv buffer behaviour. fixes the Linux bug)
    NetworkServer/ClientSystem.Send(): added Channel parameter
    NetworkTransformServerSystem uses Unreliable channel now

V1.10 [2020-06-25]

    breaking: NetworkTransformClient/ServerSystem is not created automatically anymore. Make sure to have the authoring components attached to each scene’s NetworkClient/Server GameObject
    breaking: TransformClient/ServerMessageSystem is not created automatically anymore. Make sure to have the authoring components attached to each scene’s NetworkClient/Server GameObject
    breaking: Spawn/UnspawnMessageSystem is not created automatically anymore. Make sure to have the authoring components attached to each scene’s NetworkClient GameObject
    feature: DependencyInjection now runs before OnCreate
    fix: ClientConnectedSimulationSystemGroup: client null check for cases where there is no NetworkClientAuthoring component in the scene
    fix: ServerActiveSimulationSystemGroup: client null check for cases where there is no NetworkClientAuthoring component in the scene

V1.9 [2020-06-23]

    fix: TransformClientMessageSystem overwrites OnCreate/OnDestroy but didn't call ClientMessageSystem's base.OnCreate/OnDestroy, causing bugs if we actually use OnCreate/OnDestroy in ClientMessageSystem
    fix: NetworkClient/ServerMessageSystem uses OnCreate to register messages. Fixes a bug where a message would come in before the handler was registered, because we are in ConnectedGroup/ActiveGroup, so it only registered after connected and after the message was already received.
    Range slider is now only shown while server is running (and not on client anymore)

V1.8 [2020-06-20]

    Extensions: NativeMultiHashMap.TryIterator for easier iterations
    InterestManagementSystem: removed obsolete SendUn/SpawnMessage functions
    NetworkClientSystem.Send(NativeList) for Burst/Job support added
    perf: NetworkTransformClientSystem uses Burst. For 75k Entities it reduces system time from 11ms to 0.33ms. So it's 30x faster.
    SegmentReader.ReadBytes4094 added
    SegmentWriter.WriteBytes4094 added
    breaking: NetworkServerSystem.Send parameters switched for consistency and ease of use
    fix: TransportServer/ClientSystems are now updated in LateSimulationSystemGroup after all other systems. Fixes a bug where the Chat demo wouldn't work because Transport.OnStartRunning would set apathy's OnConnected/OnData hooks before Client.OnStartRunning would set the Transport hooks, causing them to be not set. Also avoids similar bugs in the future because update order is now deterministic.

V1.7 [2020-06-15]

    Apathy updated to the latest version. Reduces memory usage per connection from around 2GB to 64KB and removes the 1-3s allocation freeze when clicking the client connect button.
    Benchmark Example: fix MonsterMovementSystem seed is never zero anymore to avoid ArgumentException in Unity.Mathematics

V1.6 [2020-06-11]

    Upgraded to Unity 2019.4 LTS
    perf: NetworkTransformServerSystem Burst compiled. For 10k Entities with interval=0, it required 20-22ms without Burst and 5-6ms with Burst now.
    perf: InterestManagement uses NativeMultiMaps to buffer Spawn/Unspawn messages instead of using DynamicBuffers. With 10k Entities at interval=0, it reduces system time from 8ms to 1ms.
    Chat Example: added interest management to avoid DependencyInjection warning.
    fix: NetworkTransform interpolation on clients is applied in main thread instead of Job. Movement is smooth again, especially noticeable in the Pong demo.

V1.5 [2020-06-08]

    fix: Bootstrap.Initialize calls TypeManager.Initialize before using types. Fixes a bug where development builds on some platforms would throw a "The TypeManager must be initialized before the TypeManager can be used" Assertion failure.
    perf: TransformClientMessageSystem batch processes all new TransformMessages with an Entities.ForEach call in each Update. This is a lot better than calling TryGetValue and SetComponentData 10k times.
    perf: TransformClientMessageSystem runs in a Job. Applying TransformMessages on the client for 50k Entities reduced from originally 200ms for OnMessage SetComponentData to 0.05ms with Job/Burst.
    NetworkServerSystem.Send NativeMultiHashMap function added for Jobs
    Extensions: DynamicBuffer.Contains modified for Job support
    InterestManagement restructured for Burst support. When rebuilding every frame with 10k Entities, the system time was reduced from 339ms per Update to 5.89ms per Update.
    10k Example renamed to Benchmark with configurable spawn amount in the new SpawnSystemAuthoring component.
    Benchmark Example: added Slider to modify visibility radius at runtime.

V1.4 [2020-06-01]

    NetworkMessage serialization automated, and it’s faster now.
    Increased test coverage internally
    NetworkServer/Client message handlers use generic message delegates so that NetworkServer/ClientMessageSystem don’t need the OnMessageInternal workaround anymore.
    perf: SegmentWriter.WriteBytes: use UnsafeUtility.MemCpy instead of Array.Copy because it's 25% faster
    perf: Entities.ForEach queries read-only parameters are now marked as ‘in’ everywhere

V1.3 [2020-06-01]

    Unity updated to 2019.3.14
    Entities/Burst Packages updated to latest versions
    fix: SegmentReader.Remaining calculation now works with ArraySegments that start at an offset
    fix: ApathyTransportServer/ClientSystem now applies configuration in OnStartRunning instead of OnCreate so that Authoring settings are actually applied
    performance: Apathy uncorked. Apathy performance is now on par with MemoryTransport. At least 20x faster than before. Try the 10k Demo with max visibility.
    usability: NetworkServer/ClientMessageSystem: OnMessage parameter is the actual message type instead of NetworkMessage now

V1.2 [2020-05-25]

    SegmentReader made 5x faster: 1mio x ReadFloat3 down from 2765ms to 538ms
    SegmentWriter made 3x faster: 1mio x WriteFloat3 down from 922ms to 345ms

V1.1 [2020-05-25]

    Unity.Physics support
    (Job)ComponentSystems converted to SystemBase
    Pong/Chat/Physics demos added
    Fixed clients not despawning other disconnected client’s players
    Smaller fixes & improvements

V1.0 [2020-05-25]

    Initial release.
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